John Gorbey

John Gorbey on stage 2023

John Gorbey


John Gorbey is our talented “Benny”. An accomplished and versatile Auckland based musician, who comes from a family of musicians. He is also one half of the duo “2Fold” who were famously “discovered” by Michael Buble in June 2023 when Mr Buble was holding his 14,000 strong concert. Michael Buble heard John and Vanessa Abernethy performing at the Auckland Fish Markets in the afternoon whilst dining with his wife and kids, he then invited them to open his concert singing “Up Where We Belong, which they did. 

He began working with the band from January to April 2023 while Stuart Pearce was on tour with another artist, but he did such an incredible job, it was agreed he should be a permanent member of the line-up. So most performances now feature two keyboard players as well as his guitar skills. Thus the line-up has become five piece, for most bookings.

John also performs in “Sugar Town”. And alongside Ness Abernethy, the ABBA Tribute Band’s “Agnetha” ,he performs in her Stevie Nix Experience Show, where he duets with her as Don Henley, Tom Petty and plays guitar, sings and plays keyboards too.